It’s about time for a pie chart. Hopefully you agree, because we know Google does. And that’s what this is: a pie chart, again letting all of us know where, exactly, Android and its versions stand amongst the handsets available in the market. And, not surprising, we can see that Android 2.1 is still making a steady climb, to where it stands currently at a prodigal number. While Android 2.2 is still making its debut, and therefore showcases a small number.

So, where do we stand? Well, there’s still a healthy amount of Android 1.5 devices out there. Right now, we’re seeing an 18.9% market presence. While Android 1.6 rests firmly at 22.1%. The big hit is Android 2.1, though, as we can see it on 55.5% of devices out there in the wild. As for Android 2.2, well, that’s at only 3.3%. No surprise there, considering it hasn’t officially been released by anyone other than Google, and only for the Nexus One. Hopefully that will change in the coming months, especially as it gets put on the original Droid, the Droid X, and the phalanx of Galaxy S devices out there.

[via Android Developers]