Pixel owners who are looking forward to the upcoming Android 12’s promised more customizable theming system may be slightly disappointed. While they will indeed get a better and more dynamic theming system, the update will also be removing some things like the font, icon shape, and accent color customizations. While Android 12 has yet to roll out and so the greater public has not yet seen what it will look like, some users are already unhappy with this upcoming change.

Pixel Themes was a new feature introduced to the Pixel 4 where users could customize the littlest items on their smartphone. It eventually became available for other Pixel smartphones that were running on Android 10 and even to other OEMs like ASUS and Motorola. Users are able to customize various elements through the Styles & Wallpapers app. With the arrival of Android 12, Google said that they will be replacing it with a “new dynamic theming feature” which is “more modern and intelligent”.

However, XDA Developers noted that Google has removed the overlays for several elements specifically for fonts, icon shapes, and icon colors. This means that users will not be able to customize them anymore within the Styles & Wallpapers app. Google also confirmed this in the Google Issue Tracker. No explanation was given as to why this is except to say that the dynamic theming feature will be better.

The new system may indeed be more customizable and has added things like letting you change system theme colors based on your wallpaper. It will also let you theme your home screen icons. However, some users are displeased that the other elements have been removed. There must be a technical explanation as to why the previous style options have been removed but unfortunately, Pixel users and other devices that support it will have to make do with the new one.

There’s no official word yet as to when Android 12 will start rolling out but Google says they expect it to “reach Platform Stability at Beta 4” by August this year. Let’s see how Pixel users will feel once they do get this new dynamic theming feature.