Android 12 Call Smart Forwarding

Forwarding calls may not exactly be always used these days but some people are still doing such. With people getting more online these days, there is no point in making phone calls whether via smartphone or landline. There are things such as voice chats or voice calls. For Android users, you may soon take advantage of Smart Forwarding as this feature may be supported on the platform soon. This is meant to forward calls between SIMs. This will be particularly helpful for those that usual dual SIMs or two numbers.

Google has not revealed any details yet but the AOSP code shows some mention of DualShock 4 motion controls and storing digital driver’s licenses. Another important feature could be the Smart Forwarding that allows one SIM to forward a call to another if there is no coverage.

Smart Forwarding may be part of Android 12. The AOSP commit describes the feature this way: “Smart forwarding config. Smart forwarding is a feature to configure call forwarding to a different SIM in the device when one SIM is not reachable. The config here specifies a smart forwarding component that will launch UI for changing the configuration. An empty string indicates that no smart forwarding component is specified. Currently, only one non-empty configuration of smart forwarding component within [the] system will be used when multiple SIMs are inserted.”

It will be a special configuration. The change will be more on the Android device and not really on the side of the carriers. It will be an exciting feature but we believe it needs further verification or approval.