Android 12 GO Edition

Android 12 stable version is slowly rolling out to a number of flagship phones. Most of them are topped by OEM’s very own user interface. The releases are not perfect but rest assured, the Android team and companies are working on fixes and solutions. After the major Android 12 update, here is a lighter version–the Android 12 Go Edition. This version is meant for lower-specced and budget-friendly smartphones. Those affordable devices usually come with Android Go so the system is light and easier to use.

This year’s Android (Go edition) is based on Android 12. After four years, Android Go edition is anow ctively used by more 200 million people all over the world. Android devs have been working to improve and add more features that will benefit multilingual users.

The Android 12 Go features are also intended to help keep data cost lower. Arriving in 2022 are new features. Android 12 (Go edition) delivers faster app launches by 30% compared to the previous version. Animation is smoother and faster. Developers can take advantage of the SplashScreen API as it lets them make a smoother app experience for everyone.

A longer battery life is promised by Android 12 (Go edition). It can hibernate apps that are unused or not used for a long time to save battery life. If you use the Files Go app, you will be glad to know you can still recover lost or deleted files within 30 days.

More intelligent features have been added that will let you navigate apps easily. You can listen to the news, as well as, translate on-screen content into a language you prefer.

Android 12 (Go edition) allows easier app sharing with Nearby Share and Google Play. This means you can share or gets apps from another Android device to reduce data cost.

This version may be lite but Google is still offering more privacy control. More transparency is offered as you can control how much information an app can access. A new privacy dashboard can be accessed to view what apps are accessing data. You can revoke permission right there on the dashboard if needed.


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