Android 12 Developer Preview 3

In a few weeks time, the Google I/O 2021 will open its doors. Well, it will still be a virtual event but we are excited since the tech giant cancelled last year’s event due to the pandemic. There is still the ongoing pandemic but companies are moving on to the New Normal. This includes holding events virtually and online. Before the tech conference starts, here is the Android development team releasing the next version of Android 12 Developer Preview.

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 is ready. It brings new features and improvements to the released versions so the system is better when it comes to performance, security, and privacy. The updated version offers a new app launch experience, new permission for exact alarms, and new video and camera capabilities.

This won’t be the last release. More Developer Preview versions will be introduced by Google in the coming months until a version is ready for wider public use.

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 offers better user experience tools starting with a new app launch animation for all apps, transition, and a splash screen. The new experience is also customizable. You can check the window’s background color, use icon or animation for static launcher, timing to reveal the app, or set light/dark mode. New APIs are available for this.

A new call notification template allows easier preview and management. This offers more scannability and visibility. A template can support multiple actions whether custom or default.

Exact alarms are given new permission. This can help minimize battery impacts and wakeups. Feel free to use the Doze and App Standby to manage.

The latest Android 12 version offers better web linking. Some changes include default handling of links that are not verified whether through manual approval or Android App Links. Check the Settings’ “Open by default” and you will see a new Intent there.

Other important features include rich haptic experiences more tools are available for coming up with informative haptic feedback, additional, expressive effects, multiple and different actuators independently in game controllers, and video encoding improvements. You can also expect camera vendor extensions, Quad bayer camera sensor support, faster machine learning, standardized GPU compute, better debugging for native crashes, and more-flexible backup configurations.


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