Android 11 Developer Preview

This seems too early but Google has just announced the Android 11 Developer Preview. This is the first time the tech giant is using a number since previous Android versions used the alphabet. From Android Q Developer Preview, it will be Android 11 Developer Preview. As in the past, expect different versions will roll out in the coming months and until Android 11 is officially announced. With the developer preview program, the Android team will be able to receive plenty of feedback and recommendations from other developers and even OEMs as they use the early version of the new Android OS.

Initial testing and reviews are always crucial because they prepare any platform or device for a wide release. This year, Android 11 is highly anticipated because of the advent of newer technologies that must be given focus like foldable displays, 5G, and machine learning. Those have been considered for Android 10 but not as detailed or as comprehensive.

What makes Android strong is the developer community. Google is thankful for that fact as the team gets feedback and recommendations that usually result in a more robust platform. This year will be no different. Devs can access a preview of Android 11–only much earlier than before.

The Android 11 Developer Preview can be loaded onto any Pixel 2, 3, 3a, or Pixel 4 phone. It’s ready for manual download and flash only HERE.

Some important features and improvements that will be added include helpful innovation concerning 5G experiences. New APIs will be introduced: Dynamic meteredness API and Bandwidth estimator API. Android 11 is also considering new screen types like those with pinhole and waterfall screens. Communication with people through conversations can also be improved with Bubbles for multi-tasking, a dedicated conversations section, and support for images into notification replies.

The Neural Networks API 1.3 brings new controls: Quality of Service APIs, Memory Domain APIs, and Expanded quantization support. Of course, Privacy (One-time permission and Scoped storage) and Security (Biometrics, Platform hardening, Secure storage and sharing of data, and Identity credentials) are also main priorities. The first Android 11 Developer Preview will also deliver new Google Play System Updates, App compatibility, Connectivity enhancements, Image and camera improvements, and Low latency.