A lot of digital natives and nomads can now work on their documents, presentations, and of course, correspondence, right from their smartphone. But there are still times when you need to work on your phone like it’s a computer or to connect your phone to your computer. If you use a Samsung smartphone, the DeX for PC is a pretty useful tool. Previously, it was only available for the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10+. But now those running on Android 10, including the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 will also now get support for this software.

SAM Mobile notes that it was already previously rumored that the 2018 flagships will also get support for the DeX for PC solution. So it’s not really surprising that this support came through the Android 10 update which also carried the One UI 2.0 update of course. Because of this, you will now be able to use your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9 in a desktop environment when you connect it to your PC or Mac through a USB cable.

With DeX for PC, you will be able to work on the documents that are stored on your phone and also drag and drop files from your mobile device to the PC and PC to your phone. If you want to play mobile games, it is also useful if you want to use a mouse or keyboard to make the game easier to play or more interesting. Basically, it lets you use your phone or tablet in a desktop interface to make life easier or more convenient.

However,r if you want to be able to use your phone like a computer if you’re mobile or you don’t have your laptop with you, the best tool would still be the DeX Pad as it lets you dock your phone and attach peripherals to it. But for those times when you just want to be able to quickly use your phone as a computer, the DeX for PC software should be good enough.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy Note 9 running on Android 10 or even just the beta version of it, you can download the DeX for PC for Mac or Windows from the Samsung website. Just open the app after installation and then connect your phone to your computer to be able to start using it.


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