I bet you didn’t see this coming. Sure, on the CES floor we saw plenty of ways companies such as HzO waterproof devices – but when would we see these treatments be incorporated into our devices prior to purchase? Apparently, Samsung’s future line of phones will see the new tech implemented by summer of 2012. A hydrophobic treatment is not only applied on the exterior casing, but also inside over the speaker and other internals.

But will Samsung be fast enough to scoop up patents or will Apple come in and decide the technology is now theirs for the taking? Either way, we’re going to see some phones – Android or iOS – manufactured with it soon. I actually had some hands-on time with a treated iPhone and paper towel during CES. It worked extremely well, and it was obvious it was ready for prime-time.

Apparently, your phone won’t be ‘completely’ waterproof, and still have some limitations. First, it shouldn’t be left below water for over an hour. And second, it shouldn’t be left more than a meter deep underwater. All in all, accidentally getting your phone wet around the house shouldn’t adversely effect future electronic devices. Something extremely cool to look forward to.

[via LA Times]