It’s interesting to me that Google is telling many iPad makers to not launch tablets with the current version of Android. Many are still bringing tablets to market with the current version of Android that Google says isn’t appropriate.

Despite the fact that the iPad is selling like crazy, analyst Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray has stated that he expects that tablets are the next big thing in computing and that Android will be the most popular OS on tablets, not the iOS running iPad. That will be a big change from the current market with the iPad as one of the only available tablet offerings.

One of the reasons Android tablets are expected to outsell the iPad is that there will be a number of offerings in different price points and with different performance capabilities. With the basic iPad selling for about $500 now many will certainly opt for a lower performance Android tablet at around the $199 price point we have been seeing. The prediction by Munster makes sense.


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