There are a lot of incentives to visit (or even live there permanently) Amsterdam, but if you’d like to have a cinema dedicated to virtual reality to go to every week (or every day if you want to), then it is a good city to be in. The capital of the Netherlands will have the world’s first permanent virtual reality cinema, created by &samhoud media. This is just one proof that 2016 is really shaping up to be the year where there is a collective effort to push VR through gadgets, apps, and now, even brick and mortar structures.

Instead of having a large screen, viewers will instead get Samsung Gear VR headsets and Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphones. They will also be provided with Sennheiser headphones so you can have a fully immersive audio and video experience. And of course, instead of the traditional cinema seats, you’ll be sitting in 360 degree swivel chairs so you can turn whatever which way while watching the 30 minute “film”.

Well, it’s a good thing it’s not yet a full-length film because we may not be ready yet for 1.5 hours of sitting there and following a story while just swiveling around. It may be sensory overload if it’s that long. But what we don’t know yet is what kind of films or VR videos will be showing at the cinema. There is some mention of viewing New York from a helicopter, as well as seeing part of a U2 concert. There may even be a horror sequence thrown in there somewhere.

&samhoud media has previously created pop-up VR cinemas in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. They plan to put up more permanent theaters in places like London, Paris, Berlin, and Madrid. Ticket price is €12.50 or around $13.74 so that’s not bad at all for a unique (well, for now it is unique) cinematic experience.

VIA: Gadgette


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