Word of another Android tablet has arrived. This latest is the Amplify and it has come by way of News Corp. The tablet is sporting a 10-inch display and aimed towards the education market. Simply put, the Amplify tablet will come bundled with some software that relates to teachers as well as students. The Amplify tablet is expected to be available for use this coming school year.

In the meantime, lets talk pricing, specs and options. To begin with, Amplify will be available in a Wi-Fi only and a cellular (4G) connected model. The former will be $299 when purchased along with a two-year subscription at $99 per year. The latter will be priced at $349 when purchased with a two-year subscription at $179 per year. The subscription fee will give the user access to Amplify branded content as well as live chat, phone and email support.

As this tablet is strictly focused on education and giving the teachers what they need, the announcement was light on the hardware specs. We do know that the tablet is running Android and sporting a 10-inch display, but otherwise, the talk was limited to content. For example, the Amplify tablet will ship with Google Apps for Education, a graphical calculator, Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Common Sense Media content to include audio, video, games and online textbooks.

In addition, the tablet will take advantage of News Corp’s previous acquisition of Wireless Generation which means teachers will have access to lesson-plan builders as well as a dashboard-style tool that will allow teachers, principals or parents to track and monitor student performance. Students and teachers will also have access to Khan Academy’s videos and CK-12 textbooks. Bottom line here, while we have seen some education and child-friendly tablets in the past, the Amplify seems to have a step up in terms of software and extras.

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