Modern society has been so reliant on its gadgets that running out of battery power is a very real – and in most cases, a very stressful – issue for most. That is why mobile power banks are in vogue these days. But the AMPL powered backpack presents a novel solution to the issue – a backpack with charging capabilities so that if you are not using your gadgets, they can be in your bag and charging at the same time.

The AMPL SmartBackPack as it is officially called is a bag and a charger, it is made by AMPL Labs to resolve all that anxiety you feel when your tablet, laptop, or smartphone is running out of juice and there is not a power outlet in sight. Instead of having another device in your bag to charge – namely a power bank – why not a bag that is in itself a power bank? The AMPL SmartBackPack has an internal 18.5 watt-hour battery that can charge a smartphone up to 3 times full charge.


Aside from that, it can also support up to 3 more modular batteries as additional juice for your gadgets. These modular batteries come in two models – TabletBoost, which supplies another 18.5 watt-hour of battery power, and LaptopBoost, which adds a huge 55 watt-hour and can charge most laptops directly. The bag is in itself has protective shock absorbing dampers for the safety of your devices and rain-resistant coating.

The AMPL SmartBackPack will be available by middle of the year, starting at USD$299. Additional battery modules will be at USD$59 (TabletBoost) and USD$139 (LaptopBoost).



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