When people write year-end lists of best stuff that people did during the pandemic, the game Among Us will most likely be included in some of those. The game, which has been called unique and innovative and yet deceptively simple, can now also be called award-winning. They took home two major awards at The Game Awards 2020, winning Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer Game. They also revealed a new map for the game that will be coming out in 2021.

Among Us is actually not a new game as it has been out since 2018. But for some reason, while most of us were stuck at home and sheltering in place, it became massively popular and has made its way into pop culture lexicons, memes, and even Halloween costumes. Basically, you’re a crew member on a space ship and you have to finish tasks to keep everyone alive. There are hidden imposters among the players that can kill you and so you have to figure out who they are without getting killed.

At this year’s Game Awards, they were able to beat other popular games like Animal Crossing, Call of Duty, etc to win the Best Multiplayer award. The official Twitter account of the game said they’re “literally in tears” and that it’s nice to be recognized and supported. Later on, they won their second award of the night, Best Mobile Game. This is a pretty good showing for a two year old game that somehow got our attention during this pandemic.

If you were watching the livestream on Twitch of The Game Awards, you would also have been able to get the very special Geoff Keighley mask for Among Us. For those who are not familiar, he is the beloved host of the awards show and a favorite in the gaming community. Those who were able to get the mask within the 30-minute window can now use his face within the game, just to confuse their crewmates.

During the game show, Among Us also unveiled its new game map which is set in a combat airship and where you’ll be able to spawn at select points after a meeting. This new map will be available in early 2021.


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