Writers’ Group Film Corp, the parent company of Amiga Games Inc has announced some upcoming game releases for Android. There weren’t many specifics in terms of which titles will be available, however they did offer a rough timeline as to when these games can be expected to arrive in the Play Store. And even without specifics on the titles, we do know this means some retro 16-bit style games will be available.

According to details coming from the announcement, Amiga Games Inc will have the titles available in the Play Store “for the 2013 winter holiday season.” Of course, this is all basically a follow-up from some purchase news that arrived back in early-July. That was when Amiga Games Inc was acquired by Writers’ Group Film Corp to the tune of $500,000.

That acquisition was also said to include the rights to more than 300 games. With that in mind, it would appear as if these games will not be arriving for free. This latest announcement includes talk of how it seems like the Writers’ Group Film Corp has discovered that Android is a popular platform.

The announcement included talk about who games account for 66 percent of the revenue of the Play Store and about how Android devices make up roughly 75 percent of the mobile market.

“Over 150 million Android devices were sold in the first quarter of 2013 alone; nearly 20 every second. Google Play is available in over 130 countries, with games accounting for 66% of revenue.”

There was also talk of how Amiga Group Inc “focus on delivering a quality gaming experience for the consumer” and about how they “will further strengthen our competitive advantage in the gaming marketplace.” Bottom line here, it looks like these will be paid games. Regardless though, this will mean some retro style games without the need for an emulator and rom setup.

VIA: Polygon

SOURCE: MarketWire

IMAGE: Bill Bertram via (Wikipedia)