With Computex 2011 coming up soon you can bet we will be seeing a bunch of new tablets, computers, and other gear land at the show. DigiTimes has caught an interesting tidbit of information to go along with some AMD Brazos tablets that are inbound at the show from MSI and other vendors. Apparently, AMD is looking for some new talent.

The new talent AMD is on the hunt for is specifically for Android driver software development. That opens the very interesting prospect of Fusion chips inside tablets and other gear like notebooks or netbooks that can run Android. More competition in any market is always a good thing for Android fans.

As it stands now there is no hint that Android tablets using AMD hardware might be surfacing at the show. DigiTimes does say that with the strength of the iPad it expects Intel and AMD will have a hard time fighting Apple in the tablet market for at least six months. Perhaps later this year we will see AMD offering hardware with driver support for Android. That will be nice indeed.

[via DigiTimes]