Having the ability to play your computer games on a bigger screen is something that most gamers would like to have, especially if you have graphic drivers that are pretty good. If you have an AMD GPU, you can now download the AMD Link app which finally has support for the Android TV platform. The app, which was previously just for monitoring your computer’s resource utilization when you’re away from your PC has expanded to streaming games and now you can do so on your bigger TV screen.

According to Android Police, the AMD Link app has now been silently updated to include support for Android TV and Apple TV, which is something that gamers have been waiting for some time now, ever since it got the ability to stream games. Their sister site APK Mirror has also spotted a new version of the Android app which was specific for the Android TV platform. It’s strange that they wouldn’t announce this though given how users have been asking for the feature for some time now.

In any case, it’s here and the app listing explains the three main sections that you’ll find in the AMD Link app once it’s connected to your Android TV. You have the Connect section where you can connect to your PC and start off the AMD Link for your smart TV. There is the much awaited gaming station where the games that you want on a bigger screen can be launched and streamed on the bigger screen. Lastly, you have the media station where you can playback the gameplay moments that are already saved on your PC.

If you have the AMD GPU, you can already download the AMD Link from the Google Play Store if you haven’t already installed it on your phone or something. The Android TV version is now availble on the APK Mirror and probably soon on the Google Play Store as well.

Even if you don’t have AMD GPU, you can still try out the app on your Android TV and it should work perfectly with the platform. But of course the graphics won’t be as good as when you have the graphics card to support your big screen.