Parents teach their kids right and wrong and you may trust what they text or email, but there are hoards of other kids and adults that use the same services as your kids for texting that you can’t trust. If you are a parent that wants to be sure that, your child isn’t being bullied via texts or getting inappropriate texts a new app for Android has launched called AmberWatch SafeText.

The app comes from Protext Mobility and is design to allow the parent to protect and manage the text ability of their kids. The app allows the parent to see full text of messages and conversations had using the device on a web-based control panel. That means the parent will always know what is being said and sent to and from their kid.

The app will alert parents to texts and emails that have words that trigger custom filters and it uses GPS to tell you where the kid was when the offending text came in. The app also has a dictionary of slag so if a text uses web-speak the parent doesn’t know they will still get an alert.