The Dash Button was introduced back in 2015 as Amazon’s way of “helping out” people who regularly order stuff like soap, diapers, etc through the online retail giant. You didn’t have to use the app or the website to re-order the brand on the button and it surprisingly became popular despite some initial misgivings about the environmental impact of the physical buttons and the idea of the product itself. However, we’re about to say goodbye to the Dash Buttons permanently by August 31.

Amazon announced back in February this year that they will be ending the sales of the Dash Buttons but those that were already in the market would still continue to work. Well, now, you’ll only have less than a month to use them as they have decided to end support for the buttons by August 31. By the end of the month, all Dash Buttons all over the world will stop functioning despite their earlier assurance that they will continue supporting it until people still keep buying through them.

Well apparently that is not enough for them to continue with the Dash Buttons especially since they have also previously introduced the Virtual Dash Buttons which, as its name sounds, is a virtual version of the physical button. The other option is to setup the Subscribe and Save process that will let you receive regular shipments of the product that you regularly order anyway. There are also ways to just easily order products through Alexa and smart speakers and such.

While they eventually outgrew their use and became a sort of victim of their own success, these $5 a pop devices probably paved the way for us to have more connected devices. Voice shopping, virtual assistants, the aforementioned Virtual Dash Buttons, all helped to make the physical buttons obsolete.

So if you still have them, remember that you only have until August 31 to use them, if you’re still using them. Now the issue would be disposal or recycling of the plastic buttons.


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