If you are an owner of one or more of the millions of Dash buttons that Amazon sold, you’ll probably be sad but not surprised to know that the online retail giant will stop selling them. This is one time when the reason isn’t really something bad like poor sales but it’s more like they’ve outgrown their usefulness. The good news is that they were probably the ones that paved the way for us to have more connected devices at home.

When Amazon unreduced the Dash buttons around four years ago, it seemed silly to have a device whose sole purpose was to quickly re-order stuff that you most likely always run out of like detergent, tissue rolls, dog food, etc. But at just $5 per button, people were soon ordering multiple buttons for various products that they always have to order anyways. And you get reimbursed that amount anyway after the first purchase so it seemed like a win-win.

But now that we have a lot of connected devices at our homes, plus the fact that you have a virtual dash button already on the Amazon site, the Dash buttons have outlived their usefulness and became the “victim” of its own success. You can also do voice shopping through Alexa so you still can do your grocery without going out of your house.

So Amazon will not be selling them anymore globally since there hasn’t been a demand for it the past years since we’ve gotten printers that can order their own ink and the like. But Amazon promises to still support the existing Dash buttons as long as its users are still buying stuff through those buttons. Until when that would be is anyone’s guess.