If you own an Amazon Fire TV, know that there’s a new update for the Twitch app. The update allows a more enhanced and more personalized viewing experience on any Amazon Fire TV device, so you could enjoy new videos, live channels, more games, and even profile pages of other broadcasters using the app.

The updated Fire TV app now allows you to do more things like watch live and recorded videos of games, players, and other sports events. You can also follow your favorite channels and games so you can always be notified whenever new videos are available. Broadcasters now have new profile pages that include their latest videos and other important information.

You can now also chat with other viewers, thanks to the emote selector, allowing you to discuss with others while watching a particular video. Share opinions, comment on a scene or actor, just don’t reveal any spoilers lest you want other viewers to hate you.

Twitch Fire TV app

Hi-res or 1080p videos are now supported on the latest Fire TV devices. Previous Fire TV models may not be fully supported by the app but the improved search and integrated chats are good news already. Searching by channel or game can also be done now so you can have a faster viewing experience all the time. No need to deeply navigate the folders and gallery as you can easily search whatever show or video you are interested in.

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VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Twitch