Mobile payments are becoming the future of transactions and a few companies have tried to jump in to the competition. Amazon released its Wallet beta app 6 months back, but has now thrown in the towel. Amazon announced today that it’s no longer continuing with the Wallet beta app. Don’t try to visit the site as all the links are no longer in existence.

The Amazon Wallet app was designed to allow users to store loyalty and manage gift cards, and make online transactions that corresponded to the cards. The only downfall to the mobile payment app was that it could not manage credit or debit cards – it was strictly gift cards only.

There was no statement on whether Amazon would be bringing back the Wallet app in the future. Users who still have credit on the app will still be able to use any gifts, loyalty, or gift cards, but the wallet balances will no longer update – forcing you to do some real math.

Amazon quietly launched its Wallet beta app last summer. Considering it was in beta version, users expected that it could handle more than just managing gift cards – fast forward to today, Amazon doesn’t seem to be stable at the moment to take on that responsibility. We might see a comeback in the future, but for now there’s no announcements. Live and learn.



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