Amazon has ben sending invitations out for an event next week, where it’s believed they will debut a set-top box along with a new streaming media service. The device, long rumored to be Amazon’s answer to Roku or the Chroemcast, has been given legs recently with the dicovery of a game controller. The streaming service is a bit different, and not Prime.

The event, scheduled for April 2, is only being touted as an “update to our video business” by Amazon. The mention of “video” is odd, but that may just be verbiage. Amazon doesn’t hold many events this large without having something improtant on offer, and usually hardware. We see these invites for Kindle events — not minor ones like an upgrade to a service.

In addition to a set-top box or dongle, we’re also hearing Amazon will be rolling out a free video service for their original programming. The service will be ad-supported, much like regular TV is with commercials. Such a service could but Amazon in a position to essentially offer cable to cord cutters, and make them a go-to for those who want to distribute their own shows. Amazon currently offers their own programming, but none have managed to capture the attention or excitement like House of Cards did for Netflix. Making the service free and ad supported could position it as one used by many more users instantly.

Come April 2, we’ll have our answer on what Amazon has in store for us. As they normally do, we expect that any device or service will be available same-day or shortly after. How do you feel about an Amazon streaming device? Would anything make you want one versus a Chromecast? Tell us in the comments section below.