One aspect of pollution that is rarely discussed is that indoor air pollutants can actually be 2-5 times worse than outdoor environments. This is data from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Amazon has announced a new product that, together with your voice assistant Alexa’s help, will help you check just how healthy or unhealthy your indoor air quality is. The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor, priced at $69.99 is now available for pre-order and will start shipping by the end of 2021.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is able to track and measure the five key factors that affect the safety of your home or office or any indoor: particulate matter (PM), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO), humidity, and temperature. Alexa will give you an alert whether through the Alexa app or an announcement from your Echo device when it detects that the air quality is poor. This way, you’ll be able to do something like open a window or turn on a fan.

You can also be proactive and ask the Alexa-supported device what’s the current status of the air quality in your home. This way you will also be able to see how the simple changes that you make, like venting rooms, turning on air purifiers and humidifiers, can actually affect the air quality over time. You can get deeper insights into this topic by asking your Echo Show or the Alexa app to show you things like the air quality trends in your environment that it has stored and remembered.

Setting the monitor and app and using it seems to be pretty easy. When using it for the first time, plug it in then open the Alexa app on your mobile device or smart display. Tap the devices icon then add a new one and you’ll see the monitor. Then you can view the detailed air quality at any time on the app or you can ask Alexa to give you the reading. Of course the device is also made sustainably, using 70% post-consumer plastics for materials and 91% of the device packaging made from wood fiber-based materials from responsibly managed forests or recycled sources.

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor is now available to pre-order, of course through Amazon. It will cost you $69.99, a small price to pay to know you’re breathing in healthy, indoor air. They start shipping out to customers in December 2021.


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