Amazon recently updated its Shopping app to well…make your shopping experience better. Those who regularly use the app to solve their shopaholic problems will be glad to know that there are new features and some major changes that will benefit them. For one, the app is now available in Mexico. If you’re in that country, you are free to shop on the app to your heart’s content.

The update was released more than a couple of weeks ago. In this version, you can now use your smartphone’s camera to scan your Amazon Gift Card and load the balance to your Amazon Account to start shopping. For those who need reorder stuff or track current orders, you can use voice control by simply tapping on the mic icon. You can say “where is my camera?”, “track my last order”, or “track order” to know the status of you orders.

You can also reorder the previous items you’ve purchased using the app. Just say “buy more this” or “reorder that” to order the same items again. The microphone icon can be found on the main search interface. The app will automatically interpret any key phrases you say. The Amazon Shopping app will make use the same language technology Amazon is using on the Echo device. It only makes sense to use the same tech because voice commands should be the same or at least close to the natural language.

Using the Amazon Shopping app, feel free to shop for new products and manage orders even when you are on-the-go. Before even making a purchase, you can read reviews, compare prices, check availability, and share products with anyone. Type any keyword of products or scan an image or a barcode to search for the product that you need. As with any Amazon order, you can always sign up for notifications. You can also use the Amazon Shopping app and start shopping right from your Android Wear-powered smartwatch.

Anything you can access from, you can now fully access right from the app including your Wish Lists, Shopping Cart, Payment options, Prime shipping choices, 1-Click settings, and your Subscribe & Save order history.

Download Amazon Shopping from the Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police


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