Amazon has something up their sleeve. Invitations for a recruiting event have reportedly been sent out for an event in Cambridge, MA, though details are not available. The invitation, first found by The Boston Globe, only hints at something big from Amazon — but what?

The invitation is unsurprisingly coy, and only hints at Amazon’s delivery of digital media in a different way. They go on to note they’ll “disrupt the current marketplace”, but caution that the program or device is a version one offering. Amazon also says they have “teams in various locations partnering on this project”. The invitation goes on to say Amazon believes the new product “will be even bigger than Kindle. What is going on, here?

We have Amazon hinting at digital media delivery in a way that will be “disruptive”, and saying whatever is going to happen will be bigger than Kindle in their eyes. It could be their rumored streaming device, which we’ve heard is called “Firetube”. It could be a new smartphone from Amazon, or series of them. Remember those weird rumors of the Amazon phone being 3D? We doubt it’s that, but who knows. The invitation is from the “Kindle New Initiatives” team, so it sounds like a device.

With respect to doubt, we’ll remember that this is a recruiting event. The sensational language is probably meant to get prospective Developers giddy about whatever is being shown off. We’ve no doubt something new will be there, and we’re hopeful to get some leaked pics and details from it, but a blind version one product doesn’t get our juices flowing. It sounds like Amazon will show off a prototype, and with digital media being their bailiwick outside of selling goods online, that leaves a lot to the imagination.

Amazon Invitation

VIA: Techno Buffalo