It seems that those who were shopping online wanted to meet Alexa very badly. Amazon reported that their devices that had Alexa built-in to them, specifically the Echo and Echo Dot, were the best-sellers on the site this 2016 holiday season. The Fire TV Stick and the Fire tablet also did pretty well, setting a record number of sales for Amazon’s own devices, with sales 9x better than last year in the same time period. Amazon also shared some pretty interesting facts that they were able to gather during this gift-buying season.

If you didn’t know who this Alexa we keep mentioning, it is the AI digital assistant present in Amazon devices like the Echo and Echo Dot, wherein you can ask it several things and even get it to do some tasks for you, hands-free. For example, you need to know how to make Tom Collins and Manhattan drinks. All you need to do is ask for the ingredients and assistance and voila, you should know how to make them. The two are actually the most requested drinks, just like chocolate chip and sugar cookies were the favorite recipes asked from Food Network and All Recipes.

As for Amazon Prime, the company’s membership service that offers you free two-day shipping among other things, they were able to ship one billion items worldwide through Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon, just during this holiday season. In fact, more people `used Prime this holiday season than any other year and December 23 was the biggest day for Prime Now.

Other interesting facts they shared is that more than 72% of those who shopped used mobile devices this holiday and there was a 56% increase in the shopping made on the free Amazon mobile app. With regards Digital Media, Goliath was the most streamed Amazon Original Series during this period while The Night Manager was the most-watched non-Amazon series on Prime Video. Amazon Music streamed three times more holiday songs this year than in 2015.

SOURCE: Amazon