The Amazon Echo Show 10 is a pretty great addition to the Echo family but its auto-swiveling screen has made it a bit expensive than usual. For those that want more affordable smart displays, you also have something new, well new-ish, to choose from. The online retail giant unveiled the 2021 versions of its Echo Show 8 and the slightly smaller Echo Show 5. Both devices will get upgraded cameras among other things. There will also be a 2021 version of the Echo Show 5 Kids.

The Amazon Echo Show 8 2021 edition may not have the auto-swiveling screen that comes with the latest Echo Show but it does have an upgraded camera. The wide-angle 13MP camera is able to pan and crop the person or persons who are in front of the camera so that whoever is in the frame is still centered. Later on, they will be adding animated visual and audio in-call reactions like hearts, laughing emojis, and confetti. They will also bring Augmented Reality effects when you’re in a call.

As for the rest of the improvements, the 8-inch screen has HD resolution and supports adaptive color so it will automatically adjust to your environment. It also has a faster octa-core processor and now has dual stereo speakers so it can give you better audio quality. There is also now a shared home screen option so selected family and friends can have their shared photos appear on your smart display.

Meanwhile, the smaller Echo Show 5 2021 version gets a new HD camera with double the pixels. Unfortunately, it does have auto-pan and zoom like the Echo Show 8. It can be used for Drop in calls and can also be remotely accessed through the Alexa app. It can also enhance Routines and soon it will be able to get support for audio triggers like dogs barking, babies crying, etc. The Echo Show 5 for Kids 2021 gets a vibrant makeover but still has all the features like child-friendly clocks, video calls for pre-approved contacts, etc.

The Echo Show 8 (2021) is available for pre-order at $129.99 and will have Charcoal and Glacier White colors. The Echo Show 5 (2021) is more affordable at $84.99 and will have Charcoal, Glaciet White, and Deep Sea Blue. The Echo Show 5 Kids (2021) ia $94.99 and already comes with 1 year Amazon Kids+ subscription and a 2-year “worry free” guarantee.