It seems that everyone wants to make their own version of Apple’s AirPods despite the fact that people were ridiculing the device when it first came out in the market. The latest one to reportedly do so is Amazon as they try to bring Alexa to another device, this time their very own wireless earbuds and their first wearable. This product will be coming out of the Lab126 hardware division which is the same group reportedly working on a home robot for consumers as reported last year.

The wireless earbuds will be very similar to the AirPods because why break what apparently works. They will sit inside your ears and there will be no need for clips or wires of any kind. Since it will be powered by Alexa, It will support voice commands so you can order products (of course since it’s Amazon), access and play music, get weather updates, and ask for other information that are part of Alexa’s skills.

The earbuds will also be controlled through gestures. For example, you will need to tap on it to pick up calls and end them as well. If you’re listening to music, tapping on it may also allow you to switch songs without having to go to the app of the service you’re using. Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be much in way of controls, at least just from these initial rumors. And anyway, there may not be that much you can do with a small earbud right?

The other thing about the earbuds is that it won’t have cellular connectivity so you will need to pair it with a phone. Amazon will have to work with Google (for Android) and Apple on this of course, which they already do anyway with their Alexa apps. That is one of the issues they have to work through as they are both partners and competitors. The earbuds will also come in a storage case which will also become its charger.

However, despite the fact that they are aiming to release this in the second half of 2019, they are already facing some development delays as they continue to look for suppliers and manufacturing partners. We’ll bring you more news over the next few months if we hear anything from reliable sources.

VIA: Bloomberg