There are tons of messaging apps available on the Google Play Store and you sometimes use multiple ones, but apparently we still need even more to choose from. Reports are saying that Amazon is coming up with its own stand-alone messaging app called Anytime and they are currently conducting a survey to their consumers to fine-tune the app. There is no confirmation yet or any news about when the messaging service will be released but we do get some clues as to what the focus of the app will be.

Anytime will supposedly be an all-in-one feature rich service and will provide message encryption, which some users seem to want to prioritize lately. It will be able to encrypt things like bank details, especially since this is Amazon and we can probably expect shopping through the messaging app as well as reservations and also other business transactions online.

Of course it will have the usual messaging, video and voice calls, which are standards for any messaging app. There may also be photo sharing with mentions, photo and video filters, masks, special effects, etc which are important in the age of Snapchat and Stories. There’s also a “reach all your friends just using their name” feature where you won’t need phone numbers, but we don’t know exactly how that will work yet.

Anytime by Amazon is expected to have a desktop and mobile version and will also work across platforms. While this leak may indicate that the product is close to completion, we still have no idea when this will be officially announced, so let’s just wait and see.