A new report suggest Amazon is getting into the streaming music business. Much as they do with their selection of movies, sources say Amazon is in discussions with several music labels to offer the same with music. The hang-up for them seems to be an opaque pricing war. The issue for us is much more clear.

Amazon is believed to want a severe discount from the labels who license their libraries. The music labels are naturally resistant to offer an upstart service — even one with so many customers — any discount. Incumbent services like Spotify or Rhapsody would likely be displeased.

This is also believed to be part of Amazon’s Prime service, which offers the aforementioned movies along with free two-day shipping on most purchases. It could also be the reason Amazon is mulling over a price hike for the service, or offering tiered service. We’ve heard the price for Prime could reach a premium — $100 or more.

Of course, the issue for us is the lack of an Amazon digital media app for Android. There is the MP3 player, but no app for streaming movies. If they bundle it with Prime, we’d like it to be available to the 80% or so mobile device users worldwide who like Android. Otherwise, keeping it locked into the Kindle program will just relegate it to the bottom of the heap.

Source: Re/Code