A new Android web browser app is ready on the Play Store. There is no big announcement but Amazon has released what is simply called as ‘Internet: fast, lite and private’. It’s an official app developed by Amazon Mobile and it is aimed to be lighter than the current competition in the market. We’re assuming this one is still under development and testing but you know there are geeks who know where to look. The app has been on the Play Store since March so it only has about a thousand downloads. We can expect the number to go up since it’s already out in the Android community.

Only those in India can download the app which can run on at least Android 5.0 devices. The app is “lite” so you don’t need much storage before you can download and install. It’s actually only 2MB which is very small compared to other app browsers like Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. This Amazon-branded web browser offers Tab Previews, Private Browsing, and Automatic Fullscreen. On the Home Page, you can quickly see the news because some items are listed once you launch the app.

The app is perfect at this time when the privacy and web security are in hot water. The web browser is private, it doesn’t collect data, and doesn’t ask for unnecessary permissions. It aims to block website trackers in the ideal sense. Private tabs are available though so you don’t keep your browsing habits.

Download Internet: fast, lite and private from the Google Play Store

VIA: TechCrunch