Having unlimited photo cloud storage seems to be a need already, rather than just a want. But not everyone can probably have this convenience. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, then you already have the convenience of being able to store all your photos on the Amazon cloud, and now, you will be able to share this privilege with five other members of your “family” with the addition of the Family Vault feature. So all your vacation and reunion and even photos from a literal vault will be in just one place so all members can access it.

Amazon Prime members will now be able to share their unlimited photo cloud storage space with five other users (obviously, non Prime members of course) that they add to the Family Vault. They can also partake of your 5GB for videos and other files in case they need to store more things in your cloud. All they have to do is install the Amazon Photos app on their device and they’ll be able to access everything saved there. They can also just add their photos with a tap or swipe and even configure the app to automatically add photos from their phone or tablet.

When you have a gazillion photos though, one of the challenges is looking for particular ones that you’d like to view or download for some reason. Prime Photos uses a new search technology that will help you in searching for particular people, places, or things. Just type a specific word, for example “sunset” and all the photos that have a connection to that word will appear, even if you did not rename the file name or tag it or whatever.

If you also prefer to print them or something, you can order photo books, cards, and prints directly from your Prime Photos account if you’re on the web. You can start adding members to your Family Vault and when they’ve accepted, they can start accessing your photos and files through amazon.com/photos or through their mobile apps.

SOURCE: Amazon