The slowly growing music streaming market has got another competitor on the block, and it comes from online retail giant Amazon. “Prime Stations” will now be integrated into their Amazon Prime Music service, available on several platforms, but sadly, not yet for Android devices. If you’re used to listening to curated music online ala Pandora or Spotify, then this new service can be an alternative, just in case you’ve already gone through the whole catalog of available playlists in your current online music streaming of choice.

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, this will not cost you anything, as it’s just a new component of your monthly/yearly subscription that gives you “unlimited” access to movies, books, and music. So when you open your Amazon Prime Music service, you’ll see a brand new look, with improvements in the design and user interface to make it easier for you to browse and explore your music, whether it’s Prime Playlists or Prime Stations.

The latter is an ad-free, “unlimited skip environment where you’ll get personalized recommendations of which stations to listen to, based on your past listening or buying history. When you choose a station and it gives you a song, there’s a thumbs up or thumbs down button, to help it better understand what kind of music you really like. You can also add it to your Prime Music library by clicking on the + Add button. Right now, the stations are just separated by genres and artists, but later on, there may be other iterations too, like albums, songs, etc.

Right now, Prime Stations is available on several platforms, including web browser, and in-app for PC and Mac OS X, Amazon Music app for iOS and for the Fire Tablets. We can’t wait until we get it on Android soon!

VIA: SlashGear