Amazon does good when it comes to offering the best deals in town. It won’t be called the top e-commerce site for nothing. In the past five years, the company has offered numerous Prime Exclusives. Our favorite, of course, is the Prime Exclusive Phone program because of the low-cost phones. Most of them arrive in the United States exclusively via Amazon–giving that, well, exclusive and privileged feeling. There will be some changes to the program though. Good news: the phones will now come with NO lockscreen offers and ads. Bad news: all devices now cost $20 more.

The $20 addition isn’t bad at all. It’s worth the price of not having to see those annoying ads. Beginning February 7, those lockscreen ads will stop showing on your phone. This change enhances the mobile experience even if from a budget or mid-range unit. Feel free to personalize your lockscreen now with whatever image you want. The update will be released this week so expect to receive an alert or notification. Make sure you are always connected to WiFi to get the update.

Nothing else will change apart from the removal of the ads and the slight price increase. The Amazon Widget app will still be installed on your phone so you can always check out the Prime deals and promo offers available.

SOURCE: Amazon