Not everyone is crazy about the smartphones that are being offered by the carriers, particularly when it comes to pre-paid accounts. So if you’re satisfied with whatever smartphone you’re using but you still need a hassle-free prepaid account, then this new deal between online retail giant Amazon and prepaid carrier Cricket might interest you. With the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), you just need to order their prepaid kit and have it delivered straight to your doorstep.

Simply (well, not so simple actually) called the Bring Your Own Device Universal SIM Card Activation Kit, it is exactly as advertised. It comes with a Cricket SIM Card (nano version) and a couple of tray adapters so that whatever device you want to use, whether it uses micro or mini SIM cards, you’ll be able to use it. It works with any GSM device and it will be shipped for free (under their two-day shipping program) by Amazon. Instructions are also included on how you’ll be able to activate the SIM, so it will save you the hassle of calling customer service or going to a Cricket center.

Of course Amazon may have an “ulterior motive” for this partnership. Since the online retail store has a lot of smartphones and tablets for sale on their site, they might also be hoping that you might as well get a new gadget while you’re at it. At least you don’t get stuck with the gadgets that carriers offer and you can choose one which ill really suit your needs.

The Cricket BYOD kit is available for just $9.99. But in case you’re looking for better prepaid plans, they do offer relatively cheaper ones (compared to others) that start at $35 a month and they even give you credit if you sign up for auto pay.

VIA: SlashGear


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