If you’re a fan of sending documents to your Kindle device, Amazon has a trick up their sleeve to coax you into their cloud storage. Any document, text from a website, eBook or the like you send to your Kindle will now be added to a folder in your Amazon Cloud Drive. Maybe the most unique aspect is how Amazon saves your documents.

Rather than convert them and risk screwing up any formatting, Cloud Drive will keep your documents in their native format. Save a .doc or .xls, and it saves that way in Cloud Drive. Though Amazon may not have a method for opening your saved documents, at least you know they won’t be compromised. The copy sent to your Kindle will still be opened as a Kindle-friendly version, presumably. From Amazon:

And as always, you can use Manage Your Kindle to see a list of your documents, re-deliver them to Kindle devices and free reading apps, delete them, or turn off auto-saving of documents to the cloud. Documents will be delivered just as they have in the past and you will continue to have 5 GB of free cloud storage for your personal documents. Just “Send Once, Read Everywhere.”

The best part is that Kindle users will now have 10GB of cloud storage. Their 5GB free space for personal documents coompliments Cloud Drive’s 5GB of free file storage, bringing them to 10GB. Things you may do on a Kindle like bookmark pages won’t work for documents saved in the cloud, but it does offer up a significant amount of free storage.

Via: The Verge