Anyone who has gone to school and is a music lover understands the importance of having music playing in the background while you study or work on a project. While you could always listen to the free version of music streaming apps, there are times when you want more and so you have to subscribe. Due to budget limitations though, you need to find the cheapest one in the market. How does $0.99 per month sound? That’s the new price that Amazon Music Unlimited is offering but only for those who are already Prime Student members.

This is a big incentive for young people who want to have their own music streaming subscription. But of course, you will only be able to get that $0.99/month fee if you’re already a Prime Student member. This is their version of the Amazon Prime subscription for grown-ups, except that you only need to pay $6.49 per month as opposed to the full price which is currently at $12.99. Prime Student members get other perks like access to Prime Video content and cloud photo storage.

And if music is really important to you, having an Amazon Music Unlimited account for less than a dollar per month seems like a good deal to add on top of your account already. And it may not be as popular as Spotify yet but Amazon’s music streaming service also boasts of a pretty huge full music catalog. Those who are not students will have to pay $9.99 (for non Prime members) or $7.99 (for Prime members) per month.

If you’re not a Prime Student member yet, you will be able to avail of a six-month free trial of the service. After that, if you’ve enjoyed all the perks and privileges that come with it, you’ll have to pay the $6.49/month fee and add Amazon Music Unlimited to your account to get the $0.99/month deal. That’s still just less than $8 a month which is pretty affordable in exchange for all that you get out of it.

Amazon didn’t exactly say if the 99c price is forever or just for a limited time only. Other services like Spotify also offer discounts for students but this is still one of the more value for money services you can find.