After being made available in the UK, Amazon Music Unlimited is getting a new subscription plan that will benefit more people. A special offering for the family is now ready in the United States that will allow every member to share Music Unlimited with only one monthly fee. No need to get several individual accounts because group access is now possible.

Amazon Music Unlimited can be used by up to a maximum of six different users. Just like the family plan on Google Play, this can be available for $14.99. Amazon Prime and non-Prime users can take advantage of the offer which can also be availed for $149 for the whole year already. That’s a better deal because you can save as much as $30.

If you are a Prime member, you can sign up for a lower price of $7.99/month or $9.99 if you are a non-Prime member. If you want a smarter home, you can also provide Music Unlimited on one Echo Dot, Echo, or Amazon Tap unit for an extra $3.99.

Amazon is definitely on a roll and we’re expecting the Music Unlimited access plus Alexa will attract more users. This is one of the company’s many attempts to lure people to Amazon Music Limited as an alternative to Spotify and Google.

VIA: SlashGear