If you’re still on the fence about getting a Disney+ subscription, you would probably want a chance to get to try it for free, at least for a few months. So you may want to sign up for Amazon Music as they’re offering 3-6 months of free Disney+. There are of course some conditions and that includes actually subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited to get this perk. How many months you’ll get depends of course on whether you’re a current subscriber or a new one.

If you’re a new Amazon Music Unlimited subscriber, you’ll get six months of Disney+ for free when you sign up. But current subscribers will still get free Disney+ but it will be for a shorter period of time, specifically three months. This promo is available only for subscribers in the U.S and Canada and only for those that don’t have existing Disney+ subscriptions. It seems like a pretty good deal so you can try out a video streaming service for free for at least three months.

As for Amazon Music Unlimited, it is the premium version of Amazon Music. You will get access to the full music library of Amazon which is around 60 million songs. It is also ad-free and you’ll be able to stream it on their Alexa-enabled smart speakers and devices. You will also be able to download music and listen to them offline so it can come in handy for those long commutes. The music streaming service may not be as popular as Spotify and YouTube Music but it does have its fans.

Disney+ is of course one of the most popular streaming services, although there are a lot of them right now. But if you like Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and Fox properties, then this is probably the one that you’ll want to have. There are a lot of current series that you can have access to like Loki, Mighty Ducks Game Changers, High School Musical: The Musical, and a lot of upcoming series and movies from the properties mentioned earlier.

Amazon Music Unlimited is priced at $7.99 per month for Amazon Prime members and $9.99 for non-Prime members. Disney+ is also currently priced at $7.99. If interested, you can already go to the promo redemption page on Amazon.


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