In-app purchases are a great way for app developers to make money. Amazon knows this, and they are making it easier for developers to implement in-app purchases into their apps on the Amazon App Store. They are also giving developers the ability to implement GameCircle into apps easier. This should help keep Amazon’s features equal to other app stores out there.

Amazon is launching free Unity plug-ins for the Amazon In-App Purchasing and Amazon GameCircle APIs. Amazon is telling developers that adding in-app purchasing and GameCircle will improve monetization for their apps and games and increase engagement. Time will tell if it makes a difference for developers, but in-app purchases have proven rather successful on other platforms.

Amazon’s Unity platform allows developers to create interactive experiences more effectively. It also offers an easy method for publishing apps to the Amazon App Store. Amazon is distributing the new tools right now via Amazon’s Mobile App Distribution Portal.

Amazon first launched in-app purchases earlier this year, and it’s good to see them make it easier for developers to add it to their apps. Amazon claims that in-app purchases generate more than twice the money of the average purchase transaction. GameCircle adds cool features such as achievements and leader boards.

[via SlashGear]