The new Amazon WorkSpaces was quietly introduced yesterday to little fanfare. Essentially, it’s a virtual machine for an existing for existing environments. Users can access their stuff via the Amazon cloud, and work remotely. It’s a very sneaky B2B service, and one that could garner Amazon a lot of enterprise customers.

One way users enjoy working when mobile is via their mobile devices. With Amazon being the more widespread interface, Amazon was smart to release their Amazon WorkSpaces app for Android. It’s free to download, and from what we can tell, looks the part. The interface looks clean, and appears simple to use with a touchscreen device. It mimics your desktop, on your Android phone or tablet, from anywhere.

This doesn’t quite make much sense for the consumer, though. You’ll have to be running IT on a corporate scale, and the service is said to run between $35 and $75 monthly. Of course, if you’ve already got a system in place and want to use an Amazon WorkSpace, the utility becomes sublime. Amazon is touting that the service works on any mobile device, and even hints that it could work with wearables in the future.

Between an Amazon WorkSpace and various mobile devices, we see this as something that could catch on widely. With BYOD becoming a popular option for employers, and tablets catching on in the workplace, it’ll be exciting to see just how services like Amazon WorkSpace catch on.