With the upcoming Amazon event coming soon it’s time to start adding some kindling to the fires. Today a purported picture of their next-gen upcoming Kindle Fire 2 tablet has been leaked according to The Verge. Apparently there is two models on deck and this is the smaller 7-inch version of the two.

Earlier today the original Kindle Fire was changed on Amazon’s site to “sold out” which also hints they’ll be stopping movement on that device in favor of the new and improved Kindle Fire 2 and possibly Kindle Fire 10 later next week. The event is scheduled for September 6th and we expect plenty of flames to be present.

The leakster claims a more refined and streamlined user interface, but the leaked photo shows anything but that. The messy and scattered on-screen buttons look terrible — to say it nicely — and the design seems rather bland too if you ask us. According to The Verge they have another photo showing the user interface better but have been asked not to publish it. Most likely we’ll see it later this week.

The star button up top will likely align with favorite music, books, or apps from the Amazon App Store, and all the other icons seem messy and out of place. Looking at the supposed leaked image this new design is a little different than the original Kindle Fire, and heads in a different direction than the BlackBerry-esque model before. The bezel looks small and we have no signs of the rear so can’t comment. Most likely they’ll be aiming for the Nexus 7 here so it will be interesting what all this features, and where it will be priced. We’ll be live for the Amazon event so stay tuned!