Amazon recently rolled out another update for the Kindle app. This one doesn’t have any major bump in version number, but it does appear to have brought along a decent sized list of changes, additions and improvements. To begin with — Amazon addressed the issue of speed with faster cover load times.

Another big addition this time around were the auto-brightness controls. These can be found using the menu icon in the upper right, and it sits alongside the text size, color and other personalization options. Simply put, you can now slide the brightness manually or opt for the auto-brightness mode.


Staying in this same menu location and you’ll also find the ability to adjust the font. Otherwise, remaining items from the changelog include mention of a fix for the sensitivity issue on the volume button page turning, and easy access to the table of contents in the book. The table of contents can be accessed from the left-side navigation menu and will make it easier to move from chapter to chapter, search, sync and go to a specific location.

Lastly, Amazon also offered a few hints with this latest update. There was mention of how you can tap the center of the screen (while in a book) to access the options and settings. Similarly, while in the library you’ll be able to tap and hold any item. The Amazon Kindle app can be found in the Google Play Store.