Amazon Kids Amazon Kids+ Launch

When it comes to mobile devices, we can rely on Amazon to offer worthy alternatives to what other OEMs offer. Amazon offers the Kindle and Fire Tablets to the whole family. It brings kid-friendly contents so the parents will have nothing to worry about. In recent years, we’ve seen a number of products and services from the top e-commerce site. This week, we’re learning about the Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+. Basically, these are just rebranded Amazon FreeTime and Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

Nothing will change much from the Amazon FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited. They will still allow adults parental controls. The goal is still the same: provide children a safe place where they can access premium books, shows, movies, and games that are both enjoyable and age-appropriate.

Don’t be confused about the change. If you see Amazon Kids and Amazon Kids+ on your device, they’re the same with the Amazon FreeTime and FreeTime Unlimited. Amazon has been expanding on kids’ experiences so expect more content can be accessed from books to audiobooks to movies and games. Spanish-language contents for the kids are also available. iHeartRadio Family music stations can also be accessed.

Amazon Kids offers more customization options for the Amazon Fire tablet. You will notice a new home screen theme in the coming weeks. Check Profile settings> Adjust Age Filters and Themes under the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Amazon Kids can also be used with Alexa. Your kid can “talk” to the Fire tablet to broadcast a message to everyone at home. This Announcements feature will be available soon.

Amazon Kids is free for the parents. Subscriptions to Amazon Kids+ begin at $2.99 per month for Prime members. Non-Prime members can also avail of it for $4.99/month. Amazon Kids+ can be accessed from any Amazon Fire tablet, Kindle, Fire TV, iOS, Chrome OS, Echo, or Android devices.