Alexa is getting some more accompany as Amazon released two compatible accessories. The Amazon Tap and Echo Dot are two new products from the top e-commerce website that aim to provide voice-controlled virtual assistance at home. The pair plus the Alexa are just some of Amazon’s first attempts in making the idea of smart home more accessible and affordable to most households.

Alexa is like Siri, Cortana, or Google Now for the home. We can consider the Alexa Tap as the little sister that works as a simple Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speaker that you can bring anywhere. You can ask Alexa Tap to play music for you, order food for delivery, or ask about anything you want to know. It works with the Alexa Voice service. Item is available for pre-order for only $129.99.

Simply put, the Amazon Tap is a more portable version of the Amazon Echo. If you want the same speaker function but in a more compact form, then the Amazon Tap is perfect. What’s good about the Amazon Tap is that it offers a complete 360-degree and stereo surround audio for an enhanced listening experience all the time.

On the other hand is the Echo Dot. It’s another voice-controlled device from Amazon that utilizes Echo’s voice recognition technology. It comes with a built-in speaker so it can play music via Bluetooth. You can set it up as a voice assistant or a smart alarm clock. This one is exclusive through Alexa Voice Shopping for the Prime members for only $89.99. To make shopping fun, you can just say “Alexa, order an Echo Dot” if you are a current Fire TV or Echo customer.

SOURCE: Amazon