Amazon has launched a new web-based Kindle app,, using HTML5 to offer the ereading experience within the browser. However, while the app appears to be a workaround to avoid Apple’s limitations on native iOS apps containing links to external stores, it seems Amazon is also leaving Android out in the cold.

Attempt to access the Kindle Cloud Reader on an Android Honeycomb tablet, and you’ll get the message “Your web browser isn’t supported yet” and the advice to download Chrome or Safari (the desktop versions) instead. We tried in both the native Honeycomb browser and third-party alternative Opera, with no luck in either.

It’s a shame, since the web app is surprisingly well put together. As well as offering access to the cloud store of previously purchased titles, which can be locally downloaded to an iPad for offline reading, it has seamless integration with Amazon’s Kindle store for buying new titles.

The decision not to get the app up to speed with Android is somewhat curious, since Amazon is believed to have a pair of Android-based tablets of its own in the works. The company’s native Android app still supports the Kindle store – Google, unlike Apple, doesn’t limit links to places people can buy content – however.


  1. I don’t see the problem in not supporting Android, for now – the Android Kindle app is excellent, with none of the restriction that the iOS version has. So this probably isn’t a priority for Amazon now. 

    • Agreed!!!  You are looking at this the wrong way Chris.  We Android users don’t need this at all.  It was developed solely because Apple is trying to block Amazon and others from linking out to another “app store” via native apps.  So to get around that they built a browser app for iOS users who dont want to be bound to the stupid itunes store for their books.  We will probably get it anyway but dont forget that the safari browser on ios supports alot of things that the android browser doesnt so they might have to limit some functionality.  And whats the point then if it wont be as good.

  2. kindle for android locks up my phone – it’s unusable. the cloud reader would be a great alternative to installing potential garbage bloatware on my phone.

  3. No problem – just bought a book on kindle, instantly available to read on the cloud reader app in Chrome. Then installed kindle on my android, signed in to Amazon from there using same Amazon account email and password and bingo, same book instantly available to read on the phone. Same on my tablet – it’s agnostic to platform…

  4. It would be nice if they would allow this so my wife could sign into the cloud reader on her tablet and read a book I purchased on my account rather than having to de-register and re-register the kindle app on her device. Either that or they need to allow sharing between two account holders who have the same address or let us merge accounts. Stupid DRM!


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