Amazon Halo View

Amazon has finally ventured into the health and fitness tracking game. We can’t say it comes as a surprise as we knew it was only a matter of time. You see, Amazon has been introducing new smart products left and right. Some of them we haven’t imagined before. As promised the other day, here is a new smart product that can help you get fit, healthy, and strong.

Obviously, this one is based on the Amazon Halo Band. It’s a health wearable released by the brand last year. The new version is also inexpensive but comes with upgraded features and functions.

The Amazon Halo View fitness band boasts a color touchscreen. It offers time, Halo health metrics, and access to live workout tracking. With a battery that can last up to seven days, you can do more and use this longer than the average health-focused smartwatch. Amazon also sells the Halo View with other band options: metal, sports, leather, or fabric.

The Halo Fitness has been launched by Amazon to offer programs for you to follow. It includes classes “led by industry experts” and lets the wearable device track your progress.

The Amazon Halo View will be available in time for your holiday shopping. It’s priced at only $80. The fitness tracker will also be offered with a Halo Membership. When you buy a Halo View, a limited subscription to Halo will also be offered.