Amazon Glow

Amazon has many offers for the whole family to come together. Aside from the Amazon Care Hub and the Alexa Together, here comes Amazon Glow. It is a new way to bring people and families together for fun and learning. It’s a special system that lets loved ones as if they are together even virtually. The Amazon Glow lets you interact with another person right on your tablet using an app. It takes advantage of immersive projection combined with sensing and other video technologies.

That idea is to enjoy something as if you are having fun in person. Kids and parents especially will find this useful. With a 1-year access to Amazon Kids+, this can be worth your time, energy, and resources.

Amazon Glow offers games, activities, and friendly content from Mattel, Disney, Sesame Workshop, and Nickelodeon. Participate in different activities even when you are apart with Amazon Glow.

You can use this to make video calls. You can play games together, read stories, or create art on a 19-inch touch-sensitive projected space. Basically, it’s a virtual experience that people can do as if placed in the same room.

Amazon Glow General Manager Joerg Tewes said, “Glow brings an entirely new level of fun that lets kids be kids and welcomes grown-ups into an exciting new way to connect and bond, even when they’re far away. We’ve created an unbreakable, supersized, projected surface like no other, fusing digital and physical fun that excites kids and delights grown-ups with all they can do together.”

Amazon Glow allows object scanning, Glow Bits learning kits, and a worry-free virtual fun. Expect parental controls. This means you can pre-approve contacts who may need to communicate with the kids so they are always safe.

Glow is available for $249.99 (SRP $299.99). It’s only an introductory price but it already includes one year of Amazon Kids+ (now with Tangram Bits).


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