Were you waiting to pick up a Fire TV from Amazon? You waited too long! The device is currently listed as out of stock on Amazon, and is of course unavaialble elsewhere. Don’t worry, though — it’s coming back soon.

The device is currently noted to be returning on April 18, or just a week away. You can still order the amazon branded streaming media device, but it won’t ship. That’s going to be frustrating for Prime members who are used to tow-day shipping. For what it’s worth, you can still order Amazon’s proprietary game controller for the Fire TV.

The Fire TV captured our attention on launch, and likely has a brighter future as a game console than it does upstart media streaming device. When compared to others in it’s category like the Roku or Apple TV, there isn’t much reason to want a Fire TV if you already have a streaming device. Being sold out would suggest that’s incorrect, but let’s keep one thing in mind: Amazon doesn’t note sales figures.

They could have sold 100, or 100,000. Nobody knows. All we can say is that if you’re interested in a Fire TV, it won’t arrive this weekend.

Source: Amazon