Amazon Alexa support Fire TV devices

Amazon just launched the Amazon Fire TV Stick and its Lite variant with Alexa Voice Remote. The Fire TV product line is getting some updates as Alexa support is extended further. Alexa continues to get chummy with more devices, brands, and services but it can be assumed Amazon is prioritizing its very own. The latest improvement is Alexa hands-free support for Fire TV. This allows more convenience and a user experience like never before. The update also includes some features like those from Echo Show and more voice navigation options.

With the Fire TV getting hands-free support, it’s like having an Echo Show. Say the magic words and Alexa will do different tasks for you. Some visual responses can then show up on the display or TV. This means you can view to-do lists, feeds from caemras, or weather forecasts on a bigger display.

Voice controls have been improved. Search and navigation are better with voice commands. Even without a remote, you can do a lot of things or just view more information. Alexa can do anything for you like check your watch list and play a particular title, navigate search results, and search for more content.

Voice commands for Alexa continue to expand. The Fire TV products are finally part of the Alexa ecosystem so consumers can enjoy hands-free control on more devices and platforms. With only voice commands, you can navigate the Fire TV interface. It’s possible now or as soon as the software update rolls out to Fire TV and other Alexa gadgets.